Saturday, April 21, 2018

Spotlight on Specials: PE

We continue to practice listening to and following directions in class with added levels of difficulty and cooperation among students. They've enjoyed a variety of activities working on movement, team work, throwing, catching, dribbling and passing. With in the scope of physical work, we are incorporating growth mindset principles. 

The children watched a video titled, "Giraffes Can't Dance" and then brainstormed, "Things we can't do yet." There was lot's of lively discussion around supporting each other and reenforcement that making mistakes is okay. From there the class listed things they can do presently and some students were charged with teaching others how to do a skill such as a cartwheel or play a game like four square. It was quite beautiful watching young students share their knowledge and skills with each other. 

As the weather warms, we will be spending more time outside enjoying some some traditional cooperative games and sampling some outdoor sports such as ultimate frisbee, kickball, soccer and tennis.