Star of the Week Information

In Sky Class, Star of the Week is our way of honoring and celebrating each child. Each child is given a number of privileges on his/her designated week. These may include sharing every day, calling the roll one day, inviting parents to have lunch at school, being the line leader, and more. Some like to bring their pets or a member of the family for sharing that week. Students in the class will make special cards for each star. 

At the end of the week, usually on Friday at 11:45, we have the exciting Star Interview. Parents are welcome for the star interview, and many choose that as a good day to have lunch with their child at school.

You receive a letter at the beginning of the year letting you know when it is your child’s turn to be star. When that week arrives, please help your child fill out and bring in the Star of the Week Autobiography and no more than six photos of the star at different ages with his/her family.