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Basic Sky Class Information

We included this information in our opening letter, but thought it would be convenient to include it here for future reference:

FORMS: We appreciate your completing and returning, as soon as possible, the school forms that were mailed to your home, as well as those in this packet. 

BACKPACK/BOOK BAG: Your child should have a simple backpack or book bag to use for carrying homework, library books, artwork, etc. between school and home. Large backpacks or rolling bags are not necessary and do not fit well in our new cubbies.

FOOD: We realize each family makes its own choices for snack and lunch. We do encourage you to plan nutritious snacks and lunches, limiting treats that are high in sugar and saturated/trans fats. Each child may bring a special treat once per year, for either birthday or Star of the Week. These treats should be simple (fruit, small muffins, small cookies, mini cupcakes, etc.) without extra favors. Please be mindful that there are allergies and dietary restrictions in our class this year. Please talk to the teachers before bringing in your treats.

LABELING: Please clearly label ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING your child brings to school with her/his name. Also, check the new Lost and Found regularly.

SNEAKERS/CHANGE OF CLOTHES: We request that children wear sturdy shoes that give them good support for running and playing. If you want to be sure your child has the shoes needed for gym, class walks, etc., please leave a pair of sneakers in the cubbie. A change of clothes is helpful to keep in your child’s cubbie, just in case.

TOYS: We have found that toys can be distracting in school, so please keep toys at home. One stuffie that provides comfort is okay when needed.

SHARING: We hope each child will “share” at least once in a while. See the letter for details on sharing procedures. Please make sure you check with teachers at least a day ahead of time before bringing a pet. Large pets, such as dogs or cats, must be taken home after sharing time is over. If a parent would like to stay for a special share, please let us know this ahead of time.  
VOLUNTEERING: Children and teachers alike enjoy having parents help out in the classroom. There are many opportunities to volunteer, including listening to students read, teaching or assisting with an Interest Group, offering an activity choice for Center time (either one time or more often), or simply laundering our Sky Class cleaning rags once a month. We will have sign-ups for some of these opportunities in the classroom. We will also talk more about this at Back to School Night.

SETTLING IN: Please feel welcome to stay occasionally for settling in. We do ask that you leave after settling in so your child can move on with the day.

COMMUNICATIONS: We feel that it is important to keep the lines of communication open between home and school. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us during school hours (10:00-10:30 and 12:00- 1:00 work best, ext. 234). If you need to call us at home, please call before 9:00 p.m. Our email addresses are Natasha- , Tom- , and Katie-

STAR OF THE WEEK: We will send a separate letter later with details about the special week that each student gets once per school year, including when your child’s week will be. 

BEING ON TIME: Please, please, please bring your child to school on time! It is important to them in terms of connecting with their friends before we settle in. We settle in at 8:35, so arriving 5 or 10 minutes before this time is helpful.

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