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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

End of Year Post & Summer Learning

Dear Parents and Friends,
It has been such a joy watching your children grow and blossom this year in Sky Class. We want to thank all of the parents who donated money to our classroom gift, it was so generous. A big shout out to our classroom parents, Megan and Sadie, for all their hard work this year and to all our parent volunteers. It takes a village for sure. Below is a video of our last day of school and rising ceremony. I have also attached a summer learning letter (which will also be emailed). Be sure to check out Natalie's summer reading lists! Play often, go swimming, and read, read, read! Enjoy your summer! 

Summer Learning – June 2017
Each year we provide some suggestions for summer learning. Of course, summer provides wonderful opportunities for children to have time with their families, time for their own interests and projects, and time to relax. A lot of important learning goes on when children follow their own interests and generate their own projects. Through these they develop initiative and responsibility for their own learning and lives.

There are additional ways you can encourage building on the skills they have been developing this year. Regular visits to local libraries or bookstores are great. Your child can find books that interest her/him. Libraries and bookstores often offer events such as story time and book-themed activities. Magazines and comics can be another source of enjoyable reading material. There is also practical everyday reading, such as reading labels and lists at the store, reading maps and signs on trips, and other reading of the words that are all around us.

Here is a link from the National Council for the Teachers of English to a host of resources for language arts work that are grouped by grade level:

Here are some other links to recommended lists for summer reading:
Our library website ( is a great place to explore our subscription databases such as Pebble Go and World Book Online as well as kid-friendly websites and search engines under the Research tab. The Parent Resources tab also has reading recommendations and links to diverse reading lists. Natalie is also happy to provide individual reading suggestions for students over the summer by email at

Writing also can be part of summer activities. Trip journals and blank storybooks for them to fill in with their stories can inspire writing. There is also letter writing to friends and family. Some children may enjoy writing a newsletter about family doings or neighborhood happenings. If you are on a trip, your child could be a reporter writing stories for a trip newsletter.
Nature experiences and trips can be wonderful ways to explore science, math, and social studies. Creative activities are always great fun, as well as significant learning opportunities. Cooking can include both math and science. (It’s a great place to work on fractions.) Math can be practiced through money management, map reading, and lots of games with dice and cards. See the attached sheet, Math Games, for some ideas to get you started. Students will have access to their Reflex Math accounts until June 30. They can continue to log in as they have this school year until that time. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has a lot of resources at their Illuminations page ( Bedtime Math ( is another good source of math activities and problems. Coding using Scratch Jr. and PBS Kids Scratch Jr. (available as free iPad apps through the app store and as an Android app) supports creativity, design skills, and math skills.

Edutopia has gathered links to a variety of sites that provide resources for summer learning:

For iPad users, we’ve attached a list of iPad apps that we often use in the classroom. Many of them also have Android versions. In addition, here is a link to a list of iPad apps recommended on Richard Byrne’s blog:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Overday 2017

What an amazing Overday we had this year! Overday is a time when students get to stay at school past the regular end time of school to have some extra fun! We watched Wall-E with River Class in our sleeping bags, had extra recess time, ate pizza for dinner, performed a talent show, and reflected around a campfire with S'Mores. Sky Class has some amazingly talented students and we enjoyed bonding together as a community outside our typical school day! 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Last week Sky Class got the opportunity to explore and discover the Wonder of Learning Exhibit in Northgate Mall. It was such a wonderful opportunity with multiple areas for open ended play based on the Reggio Emilia approach. The exhibit will close on May 7th so check it out while you still can! Also, a big thank you to all our parent chaperones who helped make this trip happen.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Upcoming Events

Sky Class will be going on a field trip on Wednesday morning, April 26th to view The Wonder of Learning exhibit that is being displayed at the Northgate Mall. We will leave school around 9:30 in the morning and return by noon for lunch. We plan to take 2 buses but will also need a few children to ride with their parents. Please email us if you can join us for this trip and help chaperone.

On Wednesday, May 3rd, we will have our Sky Class Overday. The Overday begins on Wednesday at 1 pm and ends at 7:00 pm.. Overday is a special day when we stay at school a little longer. Sky students get to enjoy some extra play time with River students, share a snack and dinner,  watch or participate in a talent show, and eat s'mores by a campfire.

Please note that we will be having our Top Chi pizza delivered for dinner instead of for lunch that day. Additionally, River Class will be having their Overday on the same day but will be ending at 6:30 pm

 Enjoy a few photos below from Spirit Week and have a wonderful Spring Break. Thanks everyone for sharing your grandparents and friends with us today.



Friday, March 17, 2017

Crayola Colorcycle

This past week Sky Class learned about how important recycling is for our planet. We realized that although we do a lot of recycling in Sky Class, there is something that we can't recycle in our school recycling bins; markers. We found that we are often throwing away all sorts of markers that lose their caps or just dry out from use. Crayola has started a program that will take back these markers and recycle them into something new! Sky made signs and bins to put through the Lower School and is working to spread this project to the rest of the school as well! Please feel free to send in any markers from home that are dried out to help kick start our collection of markers to recycle! 

Important Reminders:
  • Next week is Spirit Week! All week there will be NO homework!
    • Monday: Movie at Recess & Capture the flag
    • Tuesday: Pajama day and/or Crazy hair day
    • Wednesday:World Water Day - water themed activites
    • Thursday:Dress up day! (dress up or down, dress as a hero, or favorite book character) **No weapons, masks, or props
    • Friday: Ice Cream and Sorbet day at lunch
  • Grandparents Day: Friday, March 31st
  • Springfest: May 25

Monday, March 13, 2017

Youth Uplift Challenge/ International Women's Day

-Last week, Sky Class participated in the Youth Uplift Challenge which was brought to our attention by a former Sky Class student who is now in Upper School. This is an event in which each student cut out and decorated paper hands. For every hand we send in, $1.90 will be donated to Save The Children's programs. These programs help underprivileged youth in countries around the world with their basic needs, education, and support that they need to succeed. 

-On International Women's Day, Sky Class took some time to learn about a few powerful women in history. We read the books Drum Dream Girl by Margarita Engle, Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride by Pam Munoz Ryan, and Show Way by Jaqueline Woodson. We learned about the incredible contributions these three women made to our society followed by an activity inspired by these women and others in history. 

-Please keep a lookout for information about Spirit Week which will be next week from 3/20-3/24.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day & 100th Day

A big thank you to our parent volunteers that helped out with our Valentine's celebration and for all the food that was sent in! We had a fabulous 100th & Valentine's celebration here in Sky Class. It was wonderful to see all the different collections of 100 that every student brought in. Below is a slideshow video of our day!