Friday, December 1, 2017

A Peek Into Math Groups

Katie's math group just finished their study in place value and comparing numbers. We have been working on various strategies to read and compare three digit numbers such as using number lines, identifying place value, using expanded form, and using base-10 blocks. We practiced using the greater than, less than, and equal to sign. We applied these skills in multi-step word problems. To wrap up our place value work, we created our own animal creatures from paper base-10 blocks. We counted and compared the value of each creature in the class and ordered them all from least to greatest. 

This week Tom introduced his math group to the Bearly Balanced Addition Tiles jobcards.
Together the students practiced placing different combinations of weights on the balance scale to balance each side (ex: 8+8=7+9) as a way of understanding how the jobcards work.

Natasha's math group has been exploring addition word problems focusing on understanding the the story structure that shows addition, building equations that represent word problems and solving for unknowns in different places. In this activity the students are creating and writing addition problems and then making a drawing to show each word problem. The next step will involve cutting apart the written problem from the drawing, and then mixing the problems up. A partner will work to match the problems up with the story and then write an equation to match. They will also need to justify why each drawing and problem belong together.