Friday, December 14, 2018

Specials Spotlight: PE

Sky class goes to PE class once a week on Thursdays. Today's blog post was written by Kim, their PE teacher. 

We started off the school year establishing rules for class. Students continue to practice listening and following directions and being supportive classmates. We greet  each other every week with a high 5 to help us remember the following:
  1. Eyes watching
  2. Ears listening
  3. Body still and ready
  4. Voice off
  5. Brain ready to learn

A growth mindset is reinforced in every class and we encourage all students to at least try an activity and not be afraid of making mistakes. We are currently focusing on fitness and learning how our heart and lungs respond to a variety of movements and activities. So far students have played FIT DECK Tag, designed obstacle courses, and played a variety of chase and evade games, worked together with a very large parachute and enjoyed some competitive Battleship using scooters, yarn balls and bowling pins. Students love to keep moving and especially enjoy any activity that involves dodge balls or scooters. During the winter months we will build on their motor skills by adding more complex activities requiring throwing, catching, kicking, trapping, striking, volleying, rolling and dribbling. We will wrap these skills into a sampling of sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball and hockey.

Here are some pictures from PE. The kids were tasked to make parks using different equipment.