Sunday, December 30, 2018

Interest Groups

This post is a bit over due, but I wanted to share some pictures and information about Interest Groups in the Lower School. A few times a year 1st through 4th years have the opportunity to take unique classes offered by CFS staff and community members. The classes are all multi-age and meet three times for one hour and fifteen minutes (normally on Fridays). On Thursday, December 20th, our 2nd round of Interest Groups concluded. Since all three meetings were in December, several of the interest groups were holiday themed (Maker Gifts, Whoville Holiday, Harry Potter Holiday Crafts, Holiday Baking, etc.), but there were also many classes for children who wanted to explore other topics including coding and rockets. One Interest Group, Website Wizards, learned about photography and creating websites with Ruth. This group shared many wonderful photos from all of the Interest Groups. You can check them out in the slideshow below!