Friday, November 30, 2018

Identity Self-Portraits

We have finally finished our identity self-portraits. After reading Let's Talk About Race by Julius Lester kids were invited to explore their own skin color and race. We celebrated the beauty of our different shades as we mixed paints to match our skin colors. Kids then named their skin color and recorded the 'recipe' for that color.

We also discussed how we are all so much more than our skin color and race is just one facet of our identity. Kids were invited to reflect on what made them unique, their values, their strengths and ultimately, what makes them who they are. Students then represented 4-8 different facets of their identity on cards that now hang below their self-portrait.

This project gave us the opportunity to celebrate our differences and recognize our numerous similarities. We had really interesting conversations about whether or not we are all more similar or more different than one another and even discussed how genetically we are 99.9% the same!

These conversations will continue throughout the rest of the school year and hopefully will allow us all to become more empathetic and loving individuals. We hope you come into the classroom to check out our portraits for yourself!