Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Visit from the Vet

Sky Class is so grateful that Mari McLean is part of our vibrant and caring community. Mari McLean is a small animal veterinarian and is helping us take good care of Gilbert Rosie Sky. She came to Sky Class to visit on Thursday, October 11th to give Gilbert Rosie his first exam. Students watched as Gilbert Rosie was weighed and they assisted Dr. McLean in examining Gilbert's eyes, ears, nose and mouth. We also learned a lot more about guinea pigs needs. Since guinea pigs are pack animals, playtime is really important to them. Luckily, all of Sky Class is eager to give Gilbert Rosie lots of love and attention. We also learned about the importance of hay in a guinea pig diet. Eating hay is how a guinea pig files it's teeth and if they aren't given enough hay, their teeth will grow indefinitely! Students' favorite part of the visit was listening to Gilbert Rosie's heartbeat. Did you know a guinea pig's normal heart rate is 240-250 beats per minute? That is much faster than a humans! We can't wait for Dr. McLean to come in again!