Friday, September 14, 2018

Getting to Know the Sky Class Community

We've had a fantastic first few weeks of schools in Sky Class. Students and teachers are getting to know each other, Sky class routines, community norms and Sky Class traditions. This Thursday, prior to the early dismissal, we had our first 'Star of the Week' interview. First years loved participating in the celebration and are eager to learn what week they will be star.

One of the ways we've gotten to know each other is through Writing Workshop. Every Sky Class community member, including teachers, wrote a book about themselves. The style of the books varied and included 'ABCs of Me', 'A Book of Favorites' and stories of special events and memories. Students have also loved getting to know each other by working together during Centers. Centers is a time where students choose an activity to do with a small group of other students. Choices include blocks, art-making, maker space, structures, marble run, painting and more. These activities are less structured and allow students to explore different interests. Centers requires collaboration and cooperation, which has allowed students to get to know each other and learn to trust that any conflicts that arise can be solved peacefully.

Here are some pictures from Centers and writing workshop.